One Year…

Our Queen of Hearts

Our Queen of Hearts

My sweet Savannah turned 1 on July 3rd. I can’t believe that it’s been a year. She brings so much joy to our lives. She is so different from her sister (yet they are a lot alike). It’s been amazing to watch her grow and learn and to see the love she has for everyone around her.

I found a red dress on clearance after Christmas and when I saw it I knew it would be her party dress. She is our Queen of Hearts so naturally we did an Alice in Wonderland theme.

Scarlett was Alice.


The perfect Alice

And of course our Queen of Hearts.

Queen Bee

All hail the queen!

I made the crown out of lace! Isn’t it adorable? I call that a Pinterest win! A friend gave me the idea and she got it here from Tatertots and Jello (I LOVE the name of her blog!).

We had lots of yummy food, and Adam’s Aunt made the cake. She did an amazing job and even whipped up some strawberry tarts. (They were SO good!)

Tea Party

Note the flamingos 😉

Cakes fit for a queen!

Cakes fit for a queen!

Don't these look yummy?!

Don’t these look yummy?!

I had grand plans to make a cute fabric banner to go on her high chair, but it just didn’t happen. I realized I had some crepe paper streamers left over from another party and decided to bring them with me at the last second. I think it turned out pretty darn good!

A throne for the queen

A throne for the queen

We ate lots of yummy food, and spent time with our family and friends. We opened gifts, and got lots of cuddles from this special little girl that we love so much.




"What do mean it's not time for cake yet?!"

“What do mean it’s not time for cake yet?!”


Make a wish!


"Here let me help you"

Here let me help you

Hmm, I'm not sure...

Hmm, I’m not sure…

Mmmmmm, Cake!

Mmmmmm, Cake!


Happy Birthday

Happy birthday sweet girl. We love you so much!

♥ J






Quarterly Top 5 Photos

I love, love, love this idea from Sarah Halstead over on The Naptime Momtog and Our Sonshines. You pick your Top 5 favorite photos you’ve taken of your kiddos (or fur babies) from the last three months and showcase them. Say a little about why you like each one, then head over and share them on Sarah’s Quarterly Top 5 for all to see!

It’s an awesome idea, and I had so much fun going back through my photos from July, August and September. It made me realize how fast they really grow.

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 photos from Quarter 3!

I love this one for obvious reasons. 😉 Miss Savannah Elaine graced us with her presence on July 3rd 2012.
My Sweet Scarlett doesn’t nap, unless she is just completely exhausted. I believe she thinks she will miss something. I was trying to wake her up here, she tried so hard to get out of the chair but didn’t quite make it. 
This was my last day of maternity leave. A bitter sweet moment, I loved spending my days with the girls. This is Scarlett’s “Cheese” face, by the way. 😉
My silly girl. Love her, chocolate covered face and all!
This is one of the few pictures I have of the girls together. This one is special because we were welcoming a friend home for the first time after 4 months in the NICU!
Don’t forget to visit Sarah’s Blog to share your photos, and check out all the other submissions!
Until Next Time,

This moment…

{this moment} – A Friday ritual. A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Breaking the rules a bit today…
Scarlett and I want to introduce you to our newest edition!
Miss Savannah Elaine born July 3rd @ 8:40am. Weighing 9lbs 6oz 21in Long!
Have a wonderful weekend all!!
If you’re inspired to do the same, leave a link to your ‘moment’ over at SouleMama for all to find and see.

Happy and Head Down…

For most that don’t know, I had a c-section with my first daughter because she was stubborn and decided not to turn head down. She was breech until the end, they checked her the morning of my scheduled c-section (at 39 weeks 2 days) and she was STILL head up. She’s also still stubborn to this day, so I like to think she was just giving us a peek at her personality.

So this little peanut isn’t really so little anymore, AND she is head down. I know exciting right?? Ok, so I’m a little scared. I know what to expect with a c-section, I’ve never actually given birth naturally before. We are letting her progress and decide when she wants to make her appearance on her own. That is as long as she decides to come before 40 weeks.

Now it’s a waiting game. I’m actually really excited. No really, I am. I felt like I was robbed of Scarlett’s whole birth experience since we had to go with a c/s. I did get to hear her first cry and see her right after, but then the whisked her away and I stayed in recovery for an hour. No skin to skin, no breastfeeding right away. I’m also excited that my mom gets to be there this time. She and Adam were to be my support people, which didn’t quite work out since I could only have one person in the OR with me.

So I’ll be keeping you updated. Mom and I are still working on nursery furniture. My mother-in-law is coming over this weekend to help put the finishing touches on Scarlett’s new big girl room. I’m frantically trying to finish up a big project at work. So life is pretty much like it always is, always something going on, and life just keeps going on around us. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a great week.

♥ Jess

Baby Shower

Last weekend my Aunt and Cousin threw me a baby shower. Technically I guess I should call it a Baby Sprinkle to be proper, since this is my second child that it also a girl. As you can imagine I still have a lot of things left over (or that I’m still using) from Scarlett. Mom and I went through 5 or 6 boxes of clothes 6 months through 18 months. This chick had a lot of clothes!! So Savannah now has two 20 gallon bins of clothes. I sold all of the 3 months and under that I had before we found out we were pregnant.
Anywho, we received a lot of cute clothes. Mostly NB to 3 months, thank goodness. We got to eat great food and spend time with the lovely ladies, that are near and dear to us. 

Everything was delicious!
Scarlett of course received some presents too!
She decided that she liked one of the blankets we received too much to let Savannah have it.
She had a grand time putting her babies to sleep. 🙂

Of course we didn’t really get any other pictures of anyone else. Scarlett was the life of the party! Adam did take a couple of S and I after we got home.

Please excuse the awful lighting!
Sweet baby girl. She was done taking pictures at this point. She just wanted to play!
Everything turned out amazing, and we have a wonderful time! Big thank you to Kim and Holley for all the work they put in!

Can’t wait to Baby Savannah to get here now!!

Jess ♥