So I know I’ve been MIA, or MIB (Missing in Blogging). Ha!

Getting back to work and in the swing of things left me seriously lacking in the blog motivation department. Not even any picture posts, which is what the blog had turned into.

I’ve never been really confident in myself, and I’ve let that get in the was of doing a lot of things. I didn’t play basketball in Jr High because I was afraid of doing something stupid and embarrassing myself. I didn’t audition for All State Choir because I was afraid I wouldn’t make it. I’ve neglected writing posts for this blog because I’m not confident of my writing ability.

The little nitpicker in the back of mind always tells me, “You have nothing interesting to say, why would anyone read you?”.

Well, I’m not writing for you nitpicker, so screw you!

I decided that either I’m going to do it and be confident and proud of myself, or I’m going to spend the rest of my life beating myself up for not having the balls to give it a try. I may be writing to no one, but as least I’m writing.

I hope to catch on up a few posts that I started and never finished. Then we can move on to Christmas!

See you soon,

Jess ♥

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