Baby Shower

Last weekend my Aunt and Cousin threw me a baby shower. Technically I guess I should call it a Baby Sprinkle to be proper, since this is my second child that it also a girl. As you can imagine I still have a lot of things left over (or that I’m still using) from Scarlett. Mom and I went through 5 or 6 boxes of clothes 6 months through 18 months. This chick had a lot of clothes!! So Savannah now has two 20 gallon bins of clothes. I sold all of the 3 months and under that I had before we found out we were pregnant.
Anywho, we received a lot of cute clothes. Mostly NB to 3 months, thank goodness. We got to eat great food and spend time with the lovely ladies, that are near and dear to us. 

Everything was delicious!
Scarlett of course received some presents too!
She decided that she liked one of the blankets we received too much to let Savannah have it.
She had a grand time putting her babies to sleep. 🙂

Of course we didn’t really get any other pictures of anyone else. Scarlett was the life of the party! Adam did take a couple of S and I after we got home.

Please excuse the awful lighting!
Sweet baby girl. She was done taking pictures at this point. She just wanted to play!
Everything turned out amazing, and we have a wonderful time! Big thank you to Kim and Holley for all the work they put in!

Can’t wait to Baby Savannah to get here now!!

Jess ♥

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