Making up for lost time…

So I’ve been MIA for the last couple of days. My baby cousin graduated from High School Sunday. She was Valedictorian of her class! I am so proud of her. We threw her a graduation party that night, so I was just a little tied up this weekend.

So here is what I missed….

Day 19 ~ A favorite place…

Mexico Beach, FL 
This is one of my favorite places! My grandparents have a place down there, and I’ve spent many a long weekend hanging out on the beach. ♥
Day 20 ~ Something I can’t live without…
Adam, my husband. I love him dearly, and he jokes sometimes when he can’t seem to find his wallet or his belt or his keys, that he doesn’t know what he would do without me. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without him. I hope with we forever feel that way about each other. 🙂
Day 21 ~ Where I stand…
Yup, could have gone a few ways with this one. But this is literally were I “stand” about 99% of my time…At my desk in my office! ;p Notice the nice puffy feet, the only shoes I can wear now are flip flops!
Day 22 ~ Pink!
Because there’s nothing cuter than a little munchkin in a pink dress!
So that catches me up a little! I posted the pictures, even if I didn’t meet my deadlines! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. 
Until next time,
Jess ♥

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