Day 18 ~ Something I’ve made…

Day 18 ~ So I’m addicted to Pinterest… I know a lot of other people are too. People that have way more time than I do. Haha.
So today’s post is of something I’ve made. I found this project and this project on Pinterest and knew immediately that I just had to try it. Little did I know that it would turn into the project from hell. Ok, so it wasn’t really the project from hell, and I did have a ton of fun doing it. It just took WAY longer to finish than I ever imagined….
My adventures in coffee filter flower making.
It started innocently enough, I wanted to make a coffee filter flower wreath for my mother-in-law’s birthday. The project was really super easy, and I thought to myself, “I’ve got this, I can totally knock this out in one weekend!” So I started on the Friday evening before the said birthday. I unfortunately did not get any pictures of the filter dying process, but instead of hand painting like the second tutorial suggested, I used the “dunk in a cup” method. I put the desired amount of paint in a cup, added some water and stirred. Then put three to four filters in each cup, squeezed all the water out, and laid them out to dry.
Saturday once the filters were dry I started making flowers. And making flowers, and making flowers….
and making flowers….
Sunday evening rolled around and I was no where near done. I *tried* to work on them in the evenings during the week, but working full time, taking care of a house, chasing a toddler and being pregnant, doesn’t usually leave me with a lot of energy in the evenings.
I eventually finished all the flowers the next weekend and started gluing them to the foam wreath that I had purchased from Hobby Lobby. It was the largest foam wreath that Hobby Lobby offers by the way. Only to realize that I wasn’t going to have anywhere near enough flowers to cover the entire thing! o_O
So after some measuring and conferring with Adam I cut the wreath down and glued it back together. I got down to about a 2 inch section of the wreath and RAN OUT OF FLOWERS! I had bought two 200 packs of coffee filters to start with, and dyed one entire package. It takes 3 filters to make one large flower, I did make a few one and two filter flowers as well, so I had made close to 70 flowers to start with. I was just defeated by this point.
I ended up having to dye more filters the NEXT weekend, and make MORE flowers (yes at this point it had taken me three whole weekends to finish this stupid thing), and eventually finished up the wreath. 
The colors are really a little more muted than this, the lighting was awful when I took this shot.
I think it turned out well, for all the trouble it caused me, and mom-in-law eventually received her birthday present. 🙂
I few weeks later, my mother and I were asked to do a project for one of my cousin’s weddings, which also involved coffee filter flowers. Without missing a beat, I said “Sure, we can do it no problem!” I was later kicking myself in the butt for saying this, but I think that it turned out very well, and I made my deadline that time! 
I still have dyed filters left over from this one. I made sure that we didn’t run out of flowers like I did with the wreath. Adam recently asked me what I was going to do with them…Let’s just say I won’t being making flowers anytime soon. 🙂
What are some our your projects from hell? Or some of your favorite projects??
Jess ♥

4 thoughts on “Day 18 ~ Something I’ve made…

  1. Wow those are beautiful!! I never knew a coffee filter could make something so pretty. I love that wreath! I wish I had the crafty gene but, alas, it is nowhere to be found.

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