Day 7 ~ Someone who inspires me…

Day 7 ~ Someone who inspires me…
I couldn’t just pick one today, so here are my inspirations…
Clint Chapman! This is my boss…I know odd right? Not Really! He is an amazing person, (both of my bosses are really). Clint, along with his partner, built this company from the ground up, we have come SO far in the last few years, and have no were to go but up. But he inspires me because he truly cares about people, and it shows in everything that he does! 🙂
My Mom. This woman is the strongest, kindest hearted person I know. She did a great job raising me! (I should know right?!) I’m blessed to have a Mother like her! 
Love you Mom!
May Photo Challenge, see this post to find out more.

If you hadn’t noticed, I did miss my photo post from yesterday. It was supposed to be a picture of myself. I was in no way suitable to be photographed yesterday, and may or may not had showered since Friday. o_O Hey, cut me a little slack, I am 8 months pregnant! 🙂


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