Sunday relaxing

So I promise I’m working on some real posts. Being 31 weeks pregnant while chasing a 19 month old toddler around is exhausting! This weekend has been the first in a while that we didn’t have any plans, so of course Adam ended up having to work, haha. Scarlett and I have spent most of the weekend doing laundry, which of course means that I’m doing the folding and she’s throwing the cloths across the room.

I’m still working on a few projects for the girls and for the nursery. I’m starting to run out of time to get the nursery together, ok panic! I’ll post about those as I get them finished up.

So for the rest of this lovely Sunday afternoon, we are going to relax and spend sometime together, have some Bar-B-Q and play with the dogs. 🙂

I’ll leave you today with a video that I took of Little Bit last week. I have to say, either S is a genius or we watch way too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at our house.

Enjoy! Happy Sunday everyone!!

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